Advanced Dentistry Institute

Student Reviews

In May 2015 I attended the live implant course in India run by Dr. Yohan Thomas.We placed 12 implants in patients under the guidance of the University prosthodontists.All patients are managed by the University and the prosthodontics completed by their students. We learned simple incision methods and used a straightforward implant system.It was a great confidence building experience and now my implant practice is growing. I am looking forward to attending the advanced course.

Dr Tim Folwell


Overall my experience was one of the best of my life. I went from being a completely NERVOUS and inexperienced general dentist to someone who is still inexperienced but now better understand how to assess my patients, have good discussions with them about their options and also be able to prescribe and read CBCT. I am just hoping there is an advanced follow up course because the beginner one was so smoothly run by such a highly skilled calibre of humble specialists.

Dr Jessica Manuela


This implant course was recommended to me by one of my dental colleagues. I have been interested in dental implant but had only done the restorative side of it. I did multiple theory courses but was never confident enough to do the surgical side. This implant course was great as it offered a hands on approach which very valuable. The signing up process was straightforward with implantED. Dr Thomas was helpful and informative, he was meticulous in his planning and organisation of the course.

Dr Ting Ting Chen


I would recommend the course. Good having a Australian prosthodontist course coordinator that will be there to facilitate during the course. Good having one on one tutoring during the placement of implants, with tutors that are actual lecturers at the university. They are all willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences. Inclusive of flights from good airlines and excellent accomodation that is safe and clean. The organisation the flights, the hotel was it what you expected yes. Well organised flights and accomodation. Reliable airlines and wonderful hotel which was more than what I was expecting.

Dr Ken Chen


I have done several surgical courses over the years, but still have not felt knowledgeable or confident enough to implement them in my private practice. I completed a course placing implants on cadavers which wereexcellent but again, not the same as placing them in actual patients. This is the key difference to the “Chennai” implant course. I got direct hands on experience with my own “prosthodontist” tutor guiding me all the way. The first day I placed 2 implants, and by day 4 I had placed 5 implants that morning on my own; a total of 12 in one week. I can highly recommend this course to anyone is seriously thinking of introducing implants in their own surgery. This course is practical based and while theory is discussed it mainly focuses on actual placement of implants, which is exactly what I needed.

Dr Villa Palamountain

South Australia

Great mentors, patient and excellent guidance throughout the short course. Worthwhile experience. Highly recommended to beginners and those who want to advance their skills in implant dentistry

Mary Choo

I will recommend this course to anyone who is looking to upgrade there skill in implant. This course is very well organised and one to one hands on patients .

Archana Singh

I completed this course in August 2023.

It was a fantastic course that I would happily recommend to anyone wishing to improve their surgical skills.

The course was over 5 days and was based at a top-rated Indian university. A maximum of five people are completing the course at one time, and each participant is paired with an oral surgeon as their mentor. The patients were all screened by the oral surgeons overseeing us to ensure that they were of an appropriate difficulty level for each participant. During my course, we had a wide range of skill levels, from new graduates to senior clinicians, which they were able to cater to, ensuring that the difficulty was challenging but not so hard that it was unbearable. Before each patient came in, we would have a discussion about the approach we would take and the potential difficulties that we might encounter. We then had the oral surgeon as our assistant for the extraction, ensuring that we were working safely and efficiently. They were also there if they needed to take over if the extraction wasn’t going to go according to plan. Each patient that was seen by us was an emergency patient who presented to the clinic either that day or the night before and was able to skip the queue and be treated for free.

I feel my technical skill level has improved dramatically, as has my confidence. I also gained valuable knowledge by knowing where my skill level was and what teeth I wouldn’t attempt in Australia. This course didn’t make me feel like I could pass as an OMFS in 5 days, which I feel is valuable to knowing your limits.

The level of organisation and care taken by the Advanced Dentistry Institute team, and specifically Dr. Yohan Thomas, truly went above and beyond. From ensuring that everyone got checked in to the 5-star accommodation (even at 2 a.m.), organising tours of some of the cultural sites, booking us into dinners, and making sure that we all got home safely from the pub, Dr. Thomas really looked after us. I could not have asked for a better-run international course.

As I stated at the top, I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone.

Sam Robinson, Adelaide